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Fit Guide

The Row Commitment to Fit

We realize that one of the most frustrating aspects of online shopping for clothes is not knowing how they will fit. Our slogan "It's all about fit" reflects our commitment to ensuring whatever item you order from our site fits you.

The Row Universal Fit System (TRUFS)

The Row Universal Fit System, or TRUFS, is based on the understanding that each piece of clothing has unique sizing characteristics. A medium for one style is not necessarily the same size as a medium for another style, even for the same brand. Unlike other online clothing retailers that give you just one standard size chart for each brand, we give you a unique size chart per item. We do this by painstakingly taking measurements of every single item we sell to ensure that you know what you are getting.

TRUFS is also based on the concept that each person has unique preferences on how their clothes fit. Some people prefer to wear shirts tight, while others prefer to wear shirts loose. That is why we do not dictate what size chest will fit for a particular item. Instead, we give you the chest measurement of the item itself and you can decide whether you want to wear it tight or loose. For example, if you are a size 34 chest, you can choose a size with a chest measurement of less than 34 if you want it tight or a chest measurement of more than 34 if you want it loose. We let you decide!

The best way to order your correct size is to measure a clothing article you own that fits you well. If you do not own a tape measure, you may use a piece of string and line it up against a ruler. For example, you have a T-shirt that fits you well. First, measure the chest of the T-shirt (either measure it all the way around or measure it flat and multiply by two). Next, choose the size of our item that has the same chest measurement as the T-shirt you just measured. It's that easy!

To help you understand the measurements we use on our website, the following are sizing illustrations for both men and women:

Women's Measurement Guide


Men's Measurement Guide

Any questions? Let us help you. Contact us: ‎‎(+63) 906 097 9197

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